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If you are not on the table 
you are in the menu

Food for thoughts

Define The Fine organizes confidential and private dinners once a month, in different cities in Spain, to allow guests to meet each other for an enriching experience.
Our goal is to learn, share and empower each other, meet people and share views on specific topics.

Whom will you find at our dinners? A group of 10 like-minded people from all backgrounds willing to meet great minds, thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs Their common characteristic?  Open mind, eager to share and curiosity. Positive and proactive attitude, willing to change and to participate to improve the way we do things.  

Book your spot! We will love to see you there and hear your ideas! 

Whats the location?

Surprise! We will tell you the location a few days before the dinner. Don't worry, we will choose a restaurant with a great atmosphere where we can talk and have a wonderful time, together with great food.  

What's the dinner theme?

It will be a different topic each time. From Marketing Strategy, Customer behavior, Security, press releases, how to publish, design thinking, social media, knowing your customers, and many more!

Discover our new themes & special guests


Eva Zahrawi Ruiz

Brand and Marketing Director / Executive coach  

A true game changer, Eva has a passion for brands and people. Her career started as a copywriter in Spain and in 2000 she moved to Amsterdam to join the Marketing department at Cirque du Soleil in the Marketing/Corporate Alliances department, managing sponsorships for the European Tours. She was de Brand Director for The Netherlands at Vodafone for 5 years and in 2018 she worked as Marketing Director with  She's been member of the board of ADCN and the Vodafone Netherlands Foundation.


Name, Title


Name, Title

See you there?

Book your spot!  Join us and enjoy a fantastic evening! 

For any further information, don't hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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