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“The patience effect”

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

The patience effect

When a new episode in our favourite series is coming, we wait enthusiastic for it! We feel so happy when the time arrives.

Is this Happiness casual? Definitely not. Our brain uses it as a reward for our patient.

While we are expecting to get something we want, we feel excited and happy about it, our brain helps us to be patient and to wait. Then, when we get it, we release serotonin, and we feel rewarded. We feel happy and satisfied. It is called patience effect.

When we wait, we create some expectation and when those expectations are broken, it can cause in our brain the opposite reaction, then, we get irritated.

When you are going to launch a product or service, have it in mind to create the content marketing strategy. Calculate the waiting times to make your customers are happily waiting for your products or services.

To send a newsletter, consider creating a planned strategy. Include a calendar and follow it. If you start sending a newsletter to your customers a certain day of the month, they will keep it in their mind and will wait expectantly for your next newsletter to come. If you suddenly change it and start sending newsletters in a random way, your customers can lose interest.

If your company doesn’t have structure don’t worry, you can start doing it now!


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